Group Personal Training Sessions

Currently group sessions times are:

Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am


Saturday at 10:00 am

Current Special: 10% OFF Packages for both Group and Private Personal Training. Offer expires MARCH 15, 2022.

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You step into a group session and boom, the guy next to you is deadlifting a small car and the trainer screams 50 burpees next!! and all along in your mind you are thinking “What is going on here”. Well that is a boot-camp or a group fitness session.

What is offered here is a lot different from that. Group personal training is basically personal training in a group setting. What that means is that you get a personalized program that is tailored to your goals, however you share the time and space with other individuals. So even though you might be a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you would get a specific program built for you with the trainer showing and perfecting form. This could mean a soccer player practicing their soccer drills for speed and agility in the same room as another person aiming to loose weight.

Some clients prefer a hybrid option when it comes to their programming. Some take 2 private sessions a week and supplement that with 1 or more group sessions a week in order to save money or because they really enjoy working out with other people for that added motivation.

To get started, you can fill the form below and you would be contacted with class availability as classes are capped and there are limited spaces available.

Available Discounts

  • Couples Discount: Half price for participating partner (example: if you were to buy a package that cost $200, your partner could attend the session at the same time with you but would be charged 50% of the price ($100) bringing the grand total for both participants to $300.

  • Family Discount: Family members get the same discount as couples.