Group Personal Training Sessions

Currently group sessions times are:

Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am


Saturday at 10:00 am

You step into a group session and boom, the guy next to you is deadlifting a small car and the trainer screams 50 burpees next!! and all along in your mind you are thinking “What is going on here”. Well that is a boot-camp or group fitness session.

What is offered here is a lot different from that. Group personal training is basically personal training in a group setting. What that means is that you get a personalized program that is tailored to your goals, however you share the time and space with other individuals. So even though you might be a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you would get a specific program built for you with the trainer showing and perfecting form. This could mean a soccer player practicing their soccer drills for speed and agility in the same room as another person aiming to loose weight.

Some clients prefer a hybrid option when it comes to their programming. Some take 2 private sessions a week and supplement that with 1 or more group sessions a week in order to save money or because they really enjoy working out with other people for that added motivation.

Current Special: First session FREE!!

Sessions starting at $25 per session

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