Online Fitness

Get fit in your own space

Online fitness programs are a good way to challenge yourself and spice up your exercise routines. Whether you choose to use body weight exercises, a home gym or a commercial gym, we have you covered. Our programs are designed to get you the results you crave regardless of the level you currently find yourself in your fitness journey.

There are a couple of ways to sign up for online fitness training with PAC Lifestyle fitness. You could sign up as

  • a hybrid client: Have some sessions in person and the rest of your sessions online. This is one way to save money and is usually suited for people located in the Houston area and would like some physical guidance or video calls

  • a fully online client: These sort of clients are fully online and would have the occasional check in to assess their progress and correct any issues that might be experienced by the client. However these sessions are fully remote.

  • by purchasing a package: these are programs designed to educate and challenge you to get the best out of your workouts. They take the guess work out of exercise planning by giving you routines that we use ourselves in the gym for our various clients at different stages in their fitness journey. Whether you are looking to run faster, stepping into the gym for the first time or are a seasoned gym bro, we have programs designed for you.

Each program comes with a meal plan and nutrition guide with some containing habit recommendations that would help make your journey smooth and effective whilst applying the latest scientific literature to improve the likelihood of success.

Want your very own personalized Online program? Well this package is for you. Whether you have access to a traditional gym or want to train in your own living room, I would design a program made to fit your needs and throw in a meal plan for free to help ensure your success. These programs are designed to teach you how to do fitness sustainable rather than spoon feed you, so be ready to learn and challenge yourself as you discover a fitter, healthier and stronger you.

The Ultimate package is for those who want that extra guidance. You would get a personalized 4 week program that changes every 2 weeks and access to a video call session to enable me look at your form and make adjustments were necessary. This is useful regardless of what level you find yourself on your fitness journey as it would help build confidence in your form and training routine. Extra video sessions can be scheduled and purchased if you need more guidance.